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    nah here we love the cartels... i couldnt get high if it wasnt for them..
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    but drugs are gonn be decriminalized soon I think so we dont need those murderers so I say exterminate! Eradicate!
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    Decriminalising drugs has no effect on where they come from. Complete legalisation could lead the way to domestic production, but we really cannot predict that all that well, as no country in the world has total legalisation to act as a basis. So even if we decriminalise everything that typically comes to us through Mexico, all that really means is that people won't get records or sentences when caught. How the drugs get to them won't change.

    Regarding the cartels, I really don't know what would happen under a hypothetical situation where America enacted complete legalisation. There still would be tons more drug-hungry countries in the world to supply. Yes, others may follow America's lead, but it would take years/decades. And as we know that money is even more addictive than drugs, I don't just see the cartels folding their cards, but instead trying to play a different hand. Kidnappings/ransoms would skyrocket for sure. Cyber-crime would increase. We would probably also see them trying to profit more from other types of smuggling - metals, humans, whatever. Perhaps even joint efforts with international terrorism. The concern, I suppose, would be that whatever they replaced drug-production with as their backbone moneymaker actually could come with more collateral damage.

    What also really needs to happen if we want to think about long-term success in North America is for Mexico's economy to get much better. As the economy gets better, hopefully that would lead to a decrease in the corruption between criminals and police/government. It would also mean that less people would be lured into the criminal networks purely to make a living wage for their families. So we really should take a fraction of the money we spend in the Middle East and invest it wisely in up-and-coming industries within Mexico. And (somehow) lessen our xenophobic attitudes toward them.
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