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    I literally have friends that have been at the same job for the last 5 years - making basically the same money and always coming up with dream scenarios to change their situation. Then they smoke weed and play video games every second of their free time. Good guys, just an observation.

    I don't want to make it sound like I'm some fucking mogul - grinding 24/7 and getting head in a limo on my way to game seven of the finals. I did come up from a $9/hr. job to something a little bit more "adult".
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    ^^I can appreciate your situation. That is why I would be in favor of giving people a leg up with some sort of training/education. So, if you are currently a cook, and you believe it is a dead end career, there would be some program that would let you become a mechanic (for example). Give people a shot. My fear is that, even with assistance, the majority of people wouldn't follow through. I could be wrong though.

    Just thinking about it further - I guess the program I am describing is basically the military.
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    okay - you have to consider who funds the research. by and large, it's done by government grants at universities. scientists do this research, write it up in this esoteric format....then give up the rights to their own articles in order to see them published. they don't get paid - they usually have to pay the publisher. then these data monopolies buy the rights and own it forever. the 14 year old kid who had access and used it to invent an early test for pancreatic cancer - you know pancreatic cancer? it's a black hole of evil sickness. he saved so many lives - because he had access.

    THIS IS WHERE SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE IS STORED. the central repository. it belongs to the human race.

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