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    Snowden : American Hero or Traitor ? Link to Movie Trailer 
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    You all know by now.
    Alright boys and girls,time to pick a side. I say he's a GREAT American Hero,not that I think what he did will matter.But, people are waking up as evidenced by Trump's success,which can only be explained by enough people being fed up with the selling out of America and continued loss of freedoms we once took for granted.I feel bad for the youngest among us cause today's America is "normal" to them and they lack a frame of reference to pre-9/11 and the Police State it created for more sinister plans.
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    Ya, after every global terrorist attack, the people are primed to give up privacy for safety and security. It's pathetic. Buy yourself a gun if you are scared. Learn to protect yourself and your family. Don't think that an inept government will be there to save you. It's too busy trying to catch drug addicts.

    The freaking terrorists themselves, including bin Laden, tell us exactly why they attack us...our foreign policy in the middle east. It's not "giving in to terrorism" to take them at face value. Yet this is spun into a religious holy war by the media because the government is too cowardly to admit that their foreign policies are disasters, and because the holy war is with consistent with government divide-and-conquer tactics. That polarization is what radicalizes the new recruits and they think they're entering a religious war and not a political one.

    Americans are extremely arrogant and they just assume that they will always hold the keys to their mass surveillance. But the reality is that we're losing our momentum as the world leader. It's not out of the realm of possibilities that America could be attacked - either physically or via hacking. And either from within or without. If our mass surveillance system is compromised and taken over by the bad guys, well good fucking luck. I mean for god's sake, hackers have gotten into our Secretary of State's private email server. These people running the show are not intelligent. They just have all of the money and guns at the moment...
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