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    by Published on 08-13-2016 02:59 AM
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    What's up miscreants? I'm almost at 100,000 plays on my Soundcloud!


    So figured I'd ask the best community in the world to help bolster those ...
    by Published on 03-20-2016 11:33 PM
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    The Miscreant Hour: The Return

    This week we start the show off how talking about how places can give off a certain kind of energy, specifically in our case, negative energy. Mr. Scag's moved from his pior hell whole apartment full of debauchery, so we touch on that and what that can do to a person. So can places and people influence you directly through their “aura”?

    Mr. Blue also went to a psychic and has been diagnosed as an “empath”, which is pretty cool is you believe in all that. Do you believe in current unquantifiable phenomena? Or are you a ...
    by Published on 12-23-2015 04:51 PM
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    The Miscreant Hour Episode 32: Music & Tits

    Hey all welcome to episode 32!
    This episode we talk about Scott Weiland and his passing and touch on some other grunge icons who passed away much too young. For all the musicians out there, this is the episode for you, because then we go on to talk a bit about music in general, how we started out playing and how the songs you write when you’re a kid starting out totally suck haha. Mr. Blue even reads some of his cheeseball lyrics from when he was a young musician ...
    by Published on 11-13-2015 10:31 PM
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    The Miscreant Hour Episode 31: The Rating System!

    This week we talk about some of the bad ass music we’re working on.. The big topic for this week is the classic rating system. We all have it, our hot or not rating system. Mr. Scag and Mr. Blue talk about their own rating systems and where they differ… Mr. Blue clearly has lower standards.. haha. We know you all can relate because everyone has their rating system and knows what number is low enough to still fuck.. So whats yours?
    by Published on 10-14-2015 01:02 AM
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    The Miscreant Hour Episode 30: It Happened In Florida...

    Heya folks we're stoked on this episode so thanks for checking it out! This week we give you a great line to pick up chics and for your listening pleasure we play a little game called It Happened In Florida, where we tell you fucked up weird stories and the answer to where they happened is always... Florida! Then we talk about the MMA fighter who shit himself during a match so if you're squeamish... :-/ Next up we talk a little bit about
    by Published on 10-07-2015 02:09 AM
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    Hell Freezes Over! Feds to Free Thousands of Drug War Prisoners By Month's End

    Washington, DC — In July, Barack Obama announced that he would issue presidential clemency to approximately 80 non-violent drug offenders. This news was great, but 80 prisoners doesn’t even come close to being a drop in the bucket that is the prison industrial ...
    by Published on 10-01-2015 01:40 AM
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    Heroin, Murder, and the New Front in the War on Drugs

    Sean Harrington has been in jail for more than 16 months. He was extradited from Philadelphia to Polk County, North Carolina, to face a second-degree murder charge. But he didn't shoot or stab anyone. Instead, he allegedly mailed heroin and cocaine to a friend and fellow addict named Elisif Bruun. She ingested them, probably as a speedball, and was found dead on February 11, 2014, lying face-down in her room at the CooperRiis Healing Community in Western North Carolina.
    She was 24, her latest go at recovery her last.

    Like Bruun, Harrington, now 26, is, a white kid from a middle-class family. He faces a possible 15 years in prison, according to the local prosecutor.

    "My philosophy is if you're going to be out peddling the drugs, you're going to have be accountable to what happens on the receiving end of those narcotics," says Greg Newman, the North Carolina district attorney prosecuting the case. "If you give the narcotics to someone, or you sell them to someone, and they end up dead... ...
    by Published on 09-19-2015 06:35 AM
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    The Miscreant Hour Episode 29: The Dark Web...

    This week we get deep into the “deepweb”, telling some truly harrowing stories of our own experiences surfing around on the darker part of the net… consider yourself warned :-) We also touch a bit on history, talking about Amazon’s new show "The Man In The High Castle” and discuss how WW2 might have gone down differently, and who Hitler might have really been. Also we consider if human beings are inherently fucked up. Other topics include religion, power, corruption, and this whacky world ...
    by Published on 08-27-2015 02:54 PM
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    The Miscreant Hour Episode 28: Miscreant Politics

    We're back! Welcome to our 28th episode, our first new episode on our new host Libsyn. This week we hit on some great political topics like the recent debates for the upcoming election, the overall problem with republicans and democrats, and give our views on how beneficial a real libertarian candidate would be. In classic Miscreant Hour style, we delve deep into the perpetual ass fucking the government is giving the American public and try to
    by Published on 08-07-2015 03:54 PM
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    Fighting Back Against Stigma: Methadone and Suboxone are Saving Lives

    Compounding the Heroin Epidemic

    By Jeremy K. Galloway

    I don’t follow the mainstream media, especially local news, much anymore. Occasionally, however, a story that catches my attention will show up in my Facebook feed. Recently I’ve noticed more than a few stories about the “heroin epidemic” and articles knocking alternatives to heroin addiction like methadone- or suboxone-assisted treatment. Almost every time these articles are filled with misinformation or biased opinions that not only add to the stigma drug users and those of us in recovery already face, they can be downright dangerous.
    Heroin use only garners attention when it reaches the suburbs. When people of color in large cities or poor white ...
    by Published on 08-06-2015 02:21 PM
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    Acetyl Fentanyl Now Officially Schedule 1 In The US

    So on July 17th the DEA emergency scheduled Acetyl Fentanyl. It is now no longer in the legal gray area of other ...
    by Published on 07-28-2015 04:17 AM
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    How To Access DarkWeb Sites Like Silk Road Tutorial

    By Mr.Scagnattie

    So in an effort to help spread the libertarian ideas of freedom and individual choice I am going to post a tutorial on how to access The Silk Road (which is now in its 3rd iteration) and other darkweb sites that you can anonymously buy drugs on (among many other things).

    For those that are perhaps unaware, sites like The Silk Road exist on a part of the internet called "The Dark Web" or "DarkNet". It is a massive chunk of the internet hidden from view. These sites can only be accessed via this channel. If you follow these steps to the letter you will have complete online anonymity.

    *****Disclaimer: does not advocate the use of illegal drugs or the purchase of illegal drugs and or the perpetration of any other illegal act. This information is strictly for informational purposes. What you do with it is up to you and we are not liable for any illegal act committed as a result of this guide.

    The Tools You’ll Need
    1. START USING A VPN (Virtual Private Network) whenever you use the internet OR Tor. This site I found here reviews the best VPN’s on the market for Tor. Every computer has what is called an IP address which is broadcast every time you are on the net. This IP address can be traced directly back to your physical location meaning you can be found. You need to use a VPN with Tor to fully hide your identity and location from your ISP and the feds. When you use your VPN and then Tor, your ISP and law enforcement cannot tell you are using Tor and they can’t tell you are on Silk Road 3.0. Without using the VPN then they can tell you are using Tor and then start to log your internet usage and monitor everything that you do. You should really start using a VPN whenever you connect to the net, as your connection will be fully encrypted and hack proof. The government is starting to monitor everything now and they are even starting to subpoena forums such as Reddit for user information that are talking about drugs. If you use a VPN while online then you can fly under the radar and be anonymous, even when downloading your favorite movie or song. In my opinion, this is a must have software tool if you want to be on Silk Road 3.0 or any other Darknet Market.
      ==> Click here to find the best VPN’s and become anonymous <==
    2. Close all programs that are running and accessing the internet. This is to prevent a DNS leak. This includes Skype, Dropbox etc.
    3. Start your VPN app.
    4. Now we are going to need Tor browser, also known as “the onion browser”. Not only will this bad boy help us stay relatively safe and anonymous during our trip, it’s the only way to access the “onion” url addresses used by darknet markets – including the Silk Road 3.0 – period. Trying these addresses in any other browser will not work. Here’s the link where you can download the Tor browser:
    5. Anyways, now you’ve (hopefully) got Tor and a VPN installed. You can either leave the “Run the Tor browser” box checked and have it boot up automatically, or you can find the shortcut on your desktop/Start menu and launch it from there.
    6. We’ll be connecting with the default settings. Give it a minute or two to configure the first time around.

    Okay, so now we’re in the Tor browser:

    1. The next step will be to access the site itself. The Silk Road 3.0 onion url is just here:http://reloadedudjtjvxr.onion/ . Remember, the link won’t go anywhere if you’re not using the Tor browser.
    2. Anyways, the first thing you’ll see is a black screen behind a white mask. It’s a little… creepy. Go ahead and click the ‘Enter Silk Road 3.0′ button.
    3. This takes you to a pretty basic black log-in

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