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  2. Storage solutions for every room in the house

    Everyone has that one friend or family member whose house is always tidy. What’s their secret? Do they have superpowers? It’s possible, but more likely, they’ve just discovered storage solutions that work. Adequate storage is the real secret for a tidy home. So here are some storage solutions for each room in the house.

    [B]The bathroom[/B]

    Bathrooms tend to be small so it can feel like there’s never enough space there. Create more space by installing an over-the-toilet ...
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    Now if your going to dress in a higher quality tee out to have a bite to eat or hang out with some friends, you want to make confident that you rock it the proper way. Make certain that you dress in some stylish identify brand jeans manufactured by best hip hop brands like Rocawear, [URL=""]Nike TN[/URL] or Sean John along with some good footwear to match the color of your tee (I choose White Nike Air Zoom Force Ones). Right after that, finish it off with some ...
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  4. addiction

    Friday October:30,2015. I'm gonna try again to write my blog. Stayed up all last night chatting to a lovely young girl who was smoking her first bowl without her boyfriend who by the way turned her on. She was heating it up and spilt some on her thumb. Nasty blister came up. Then she got scared thinking she might need to go to hospital. I told her that wasn't much they could do just make sure it didn't get infected. I know it must of hurt like hell. Reminded me of when I started smoking, lighting ...
  5. addiction

    I'm so missed right now. I had a great blog and this stupid phone I've got lost it. Wil try to recreate it another time.
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